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Accelerate Collaboration & Innovation in Trusted Spaces

Handzin is the premier platform for private collaboration. Enjoy elegant workflow to manage, protect and organize your communities.

Your Data Is NOT Our Product.TM

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Multi-Organization Collaboration

Work Within & With Other Organizations

Handzin makes your organization a team, bringing the lost art of serendipity back to life. What's more, you can share a community with another organization for maximum collaboration.

Video Collaboration

Meetings made simple! Join scheduled calls or jump into live calls on the fly. No applications to download and one click calling.

Chat With Teams or Individuals

Direct messaging, calls and audio messages all at the click of a button.

File Management

Automated file storage! Never lose track of files as everything is automatically placed in the work area you are communicating in.

Private & Public Areas

You decide who has access to communities, threads, files and more. Make rules for each community to suit your own security needs.

Create Passionate Communities

Collaborate on projects and issues near and dear to your heart with organization members that share your passions and interests.

Calendar For Meetings & Videos

Bring your team together for lightning quick calls or longer thoughtful discussions. The calendar makes meetings a snap!

No Multi-Window or App Fatigue

All the pieces you need in one place. Get wonderful things done and create the extraordinary in one place.

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Collaborate With People From Other Organizations Across the Globe


Handzin is designed to allow users from multiple organizations to work together within the same application

Privacy is Paramount

Your Data Is NOT Our Product.TM

Unlike Other Platforms, Handzin Will Never Sell Data to Third Parties

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Working from home & collaborating with others around the world has never been so easy.

Never suffer from multi-app and multi-window fatigue - do it all in one application.

Join one organization - or many - and explore the communities available to you.

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